FPW Series Flow Meter

•  Quick and easy installation and simple attendance
•  All-purpose application (measurement of non-conducting fluids)
•  Long-term service life
•  Absence of magnets (longer service life)
•  Multiple mounting fittings
•  All-purpose connection using a 4-pin M12 connector
 Status display using LEDs
•  Low purchase costs

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The FPW Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meters, based on the principle of mechanical measurement, are used for measuring the flow of clean fluids within the flow rate range of 0.3÷6 m/s.

The actual measurement is implemented by the rotation of the paddle wheel rotor fitted with stainless steel needles picked up by the inductive sensor. Due to the design, in which non-magnetic needles are used, tiny ferrous particles are not built up, long service life and stability of the meter is ensured as a result. Rotational motion speed is directly proportional to the flow rate of the measured fluid. The flow meter output can be connected to the display unit or to various control systems.

The meter’s great advantages are undoubtedly its quick and easy installation and low purchase costs in comparison with other measurement principles.

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