EXtract 821M

EXtract 821M

  • Robust design, integrated scraper
  • Automatic locking system with indicators for measurement- and service position
  • Automatic safety lock while sensor is removed
  • Safe handling under higher process pressure due to unique rotary drive
  • PVDF or PEEK
  • High stability protection cage in Alloy for option PVDF
  • Usable in ATEX-areas
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Extract 821M is a manually operated retractable probe housing made of plastics to be attached on process tanks or tubing with an extended immersion length up to 207mm. The drive unit inserts the sensor into the process medium and back into the cleaning chamber. When reaching the final position of the “measuring” or “service” position a safety knob locks each position automatically. Cleaning, rinsing and calibration of the sensor is possible while the process is running.

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