EXdip 920

EXdip 920

  • Robust design
  • Integrated orbital sensor cleaning system
  • Extension of sensor-lifetime and reduction of maintenance efforts
  • Easy installation and removal of the sensor holder
  • PP or PVDF
  • Immersion length 500-2500mm
  • Minimum size DN50 / 2”
  • Up to 6 bar and 80 °C
  • No external cleaning devices necessary
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EXdip 920 is an immersion fitting made of plastic with flange connection or suspension and integrated orbital sensor cleaning system for nominal diameter DN50 / 2”. The probe holder is firmly screwed by a flange connection or by a suspension holder.The built-in sensor is accommodated securely in a protective cage. Directly in the range of the sensor the highly effective orbital cleaning flushing ensures a mechanical cleaning of the sensor. The immersion fitting is available in various lengths.

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