EXcell 241

EXcell 241

  • EBC / FAU / mg/l / AU / OD or customer defined units
  • Design for DN 25 weld-in sockets
  • With integrated amplifier
  • No traditional transmitter necessary
  • Wearless sapphire windows, CIP/SIP-capable
  • Hygienic design, autoclavable Maintenance free due to LED light source
  • PC-connection via USB, Modbus RS485 or 0…20 mA current output interfaces
  • Easy parametrization via EXpert software
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EXcell 241 is a high precision digital NIR-absorbance sensor for DN25-weld in sockets monitoring biomass measurement in biotech, food and pharma applications. It´s design made of stainless steel, it´s standard DN25 weld-in socket and wearless sapphire windows, it´s LED technology and the integrated digital amplifier makes them a reliable, robust, cost efficient and unique measuring device for typical industrial fermentation vessels.Different measuring units for absorbance, turbidity and mass like AU / OD / FAU / EBC or mg/l can be displayed or even a customer defined measuring unit can be chosen.

The parametrizing software EXpert allows a comfortable and easy sensor parametrization. Also measuring values can be displayed graphically and can be stored and exported. There are different communication interfaces for USB, RS485 Modbus or for 0...20mA current output available.

The sensor is attached to the weld-in socket via a G1 1/4" thread.The O-ring position can be freely selected according to the existing socket to allow the best possible sterile installation.

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