For Immersion Applications | Automatic Device Shut-Off
3 Display Units | USB Interface
Measuring Air Pressure, Air Humidity and Temperature
Measuring Air Pressure, Air Humidity and Temperature
Wide Measuring Range: Up to 19999 ppm
Extreme Wide Measuring Range | Long Battery Life
Water-proof and Shock Resistant Instrument
Conductivity & Resistance | 2-Line Display
Checking of Pure and Ultra-Pure Water
Simple to Use | Battery Life >6000 hours
Hygrometer, Thermometer and Flow Meter in One Device
Hygrometer, Thermometer and Flow Meter in One Device
Insertion Probe V4A, Ø 3 mm x 100 mm
2-Wire | Isolated in V4A Tube 3 mm Ø 
ISO Calibration Certificate WPT2
Universal Probe V4A, Ø 3 mm x 100 mm
Waterproof Device & Probe | Simple to Use
Water Monitoring | Graphic & Multilingual LCD Display
Data Logger Function | High Precision
Highest Precision | Waterproof & Durable
pH-Meter Ready for Use | Simple to Use
pH Electrode and Temperature Probe
For BNC-pH or ORP-Electrodes | PT1000 input
For BNC-pH- or ORP-Electrodes | PT1000 input
For BNC-pH- or ORP-Electrodes | PT1000 input
Resistant to Temperatures up to 230°C
1m Cable | Immersion sensor, Ø 3 mm
Durable Insertion Sensor Ø 3 mm
Extra-Thin Insertion Sensor Ø 1.5 mm
Resolution 0.001µS/cm, Max 100µS/cm
Sensor Element GOEL 370 | For Gases with Elevate CO2
Sensor Element GOEL 381 | Fine Resolution of 0.01% O2
Precise Measurements of ±0.2 °C (at  20 °C)
Wide Range Up to 100.0 mS/cm | Waterproof
Wide Range Up to 200.0 mS/cm
Wide Range Up to 400.0 mS/cm
Wide Range Up to 1000 mS/cm
Waterproof & Impact-Resistant | 0.001 pH / 0.1 mV
For BNC-pH- or ORP-Electrodes | Waterproof
Flexible Pivoting LCD Display | Multiple Detections
LCD Orientation | ATEX Version Available
LCD Orientation | ATEX Version
Measuring Range -200 to +400 °C
Quick Response Handheld Thermometer

WANTED - Sales Engineer

Nice company to work for, with all mod cons including ice cold water dispenser ,coffee machine and an AIR CONDITIONED OFFICE !