DLS-35 Capacitive
Limit Switch

Liquid | Solids | Up to 6m | Adjustable | ATEX

  • Direct mounting into various containers, silos, vessels, tanks, filling inlets, reservoirs, etc.
  • Increased resistance to electromagnetic interference 
  • Simply sensitivity setting by means of magnetic pen 
  • Mode for quick setting of the sensor without the presence of medium
  • LED state and function indication 
  • Wide choice of electric connection via connectors, cable glands, or protective conductor
  • Material of housing and electrode from stainless steel
  • High stability at high sensitivity (can be used for material with Ɛr ≥ 1,3)
  • Xi, XiT versions for usage in explosive areas, or XiM, XiMT versions for mining environments with a risk of hazard by methane or coal dust

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