CLM-70 Capacitive
Level Meter

Up to 20m | 4-20mA 2 Wire HART | LCD or OLED Display

  • A wide range of applications, direct installation in storage silos, sumps, etc.
  • Variants with rope, bar or co-axial electrodes. 
  • Variants with fully coated electrodes for aggressive or electrically conductive media. 
  • Measured data in Real time on the display (OLED or LCD).  
  • Analogous output 4 – 20 mA with digital two-way communication HART®.  
  • As compared with non-contact level meters, measurement is working in full range (no dead zone at the beginning and end of electrode). 
  • Contrary to radar level meters, media with extremely low dielectric constants (εr) are measure. 
  • Copying the configuration between level meters using the display module