The uncomplicated solution for all repair and maintenance work

57g or 115g | Aluminium Filled | RINA approved
57g or 115g | Ceramic Filled | RINA Approved
Fast Cure | Ceramic Filled | 57g or 115g
25°C to +120°C | Fast Curing | Food Safe
57g or 115g | Plastic-Filled | NSF - Safe for Drinking Water
57g or 115g | Stainless Steel-Filled | NSF Approved
57g or 115g | Mineral-Filled | Fast Cure
57g or 115g | NSF - Safe for Drinking Water
Fast Cure | Steel Filled | Drinking Water Approval
57g or 115g | Titanium Filled | Up to +280°C

WANTED - Sales Engineer

Nice company to work for, with all mod cons including ice cold water dispenser ,coffee machine and an AIR CONDITIONED OFFICE !