Without pre-treatment, some materials are unable to bond or bond only under certain conditions. When these surfaces are pre-treated with WEICON Contact Primer, their surface structure changes

10ml or 100ml | Primer | Polyolefines
60ml, 200ml or 1L | Shortens Curing Time of WEICONLOCK
100ml or 1L | Activator for RK 1300 & RK 1500
250ml | For Metal & Non-Absorbent Surfaces
250ml | Non-Absorbant & Painted Surfaces
250ml | Non-Absorbant Surfaces | Pre-Treatment
250ml | For Polyolefins & Non-Absorbent Surfaces
250ml | Porus & Absorbant Surfaces
150ml | Accelerates Curing Time of Contact Adhesives
150ml | Joints Without 'Blooming Effect'
500ml or 5L | Smoothes Adhesives & Sealants
For the Application of WEICON Primer
150ml or 400ml | Multi-Surface | De-Greaser