Emco Series Level Switch

Emco Series Level Switch

  • Stainless Side/Top Entry Pneumatic Option
  • All Stainless Steel Level switch
  • Horizontally or Vertically Mounted
  • Up to 100 bar maximum pressure
  • Min Specific gravity 0.7 optional 0.5
  • Flanged fitting, compatible with Mobrey Type A
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The EMCO level switch is designed to control the liquid level in vessels containing corrosive or non-corrosive liquids.

The standard level switch with float code 01 is used for signalling high or low alarm points. The signal may be used for plant shut down or emergency override control. Level switch with float code 05 is intended for side mounting with alarm point with difficult accessibility.

Level switch with float code 04 is for vertical mounting on top of the vessel. Level switches with long levers f. d. code 50 are used for alarm duty with unstable liquid surface or with insulated vessels requiring long levers undisturbed movement.

Liquid level interface, minimum difference in density 0,2

Two level switches with float code 01 are used for pump control where one switch starts the pump by activating a holding relay and the other switch brakes the holding relay when the desired liquid level has been reached.

The EMCO float switch can be mounted horizontally or vertically, but horizontal mounting is the most common.

The float lever carries a permanent magnet which is opposed by a similar magnet mounted in the switch housing. The magnets having the same pole directed toward each other are separated by a non magnetic diaphragm. The glandless construction offers excellent sealing.

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