COMAC CAL may be traced back to 1987 when a special group inside a housing cooperative was established to concentrate on developing heat metres for residential buildings. Since then, many measuring systems and sensors have been developed and manufactured.

COMAC CAL products are split into different product lines depending on their solutions to address specific customer problems. These systems include heat metres, flow switches, pressure, level, thermometers, and compound sensors. These components may be customised to suit the client's requirements, maximising total system functionality.

Expert assistance is provided to the products in the design and installation of the technology and continuous testing of the metre and sensor states. COMAC CAL Metrological and Calibration Centre carry out these tasks. Consequently, we can help our customers in many ways, including consultations and assessing measurement accuracy.

Our customers here at PVL with the required ATEX come from various industries, including petrochemical, food processing, water management, power engineering, and mining.